The client has an extensive contemporary art collection, which had spilled from his house into a purpose built 'Bunker' at the end of the garden.  He'd commissioned super interesting and exciting Outpost Architects to create it, and now needed a landscape that would stand up to the bold and blunt lines.  A gnarled Apple tree, a Bay tree and a Chusan Palm were all that stood in the yard. 

The Bunker allowed us to create very strong shapes, in this case a Cream-logo shaped lawn and neon flower fireworks, such as Crepe Myrtle, Lupins and the Honesty Lunaria 'Chedglow'. The large raised thermowood deck is a sun trap and consequently the planting that surrounds is desert-happy, with Yucca rostrata, Dasylirion and Lobster Claw adding to the drama

Epping Forest, London

Design & planting only, client built

Bold landscape to set off a contemporary art collection.