These wonderful clients wanted some inspiration injecting into their long rectangular plot, with an inclination towards mediterranean and soft planting ideas. We used organic lines that subtly shift the gaze diagonally across the space, opening up new vistas and discovering elements as one ventures down the garden. A 'living pergola' of four White Mulberries trained into a flat roof shape make for a perfect gathering spot in summer with it's dappled light, and just further along a rill gurgles towards a sunken seating area at the end of the garden. Planting includes Deschampsia grasses, Vitex, and rare Valeriana pyrenaica.

Oxford, UK

4 weeks

Full re-design. Mediterranean, al fresco vibes with soft planting.

We basically wanted the impossible from Dan and what a magical result! Dan listened, really listened, to our dream and made it happen with his amazing creativity, massive plant knowledge, endless patience and good humour. Somehow our small rectangular plot is now bigger, with all the elements we wanted: curves, water, sun and shade, flowers and grass, natural but structured. It’s another room of our house, by night and by day. Just fantastic.